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        1. About us


            YiChun Leading Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1995, and renew in 2010, which covers an area of 200,000 square meters.

            Through the 16 years of development, Leading has become a large plastic color printing enterprise and a leading supplier of laminated plastic flexible packaging materials. Such as aluminum foil bags, food bags, chemical bags, packaging film, all kinds of composite bags, vacuum nylon bags, stand up pouches, zipper bags, gusset bags, side sealing bags and other packaging materials, professional design and production. We have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and CE certification. We have a leading technology in the domestic packaging industry, experienced R & D team of experts. Selling products nationwide and in Europe, America, Asia and more than 50 countries and regions, with excellent quality and professional-class service, has won unanimous praise and support.

            Leading Operations are vertically integrated: from product design and development, through raw material sourcing, production, quality assurance, to distribution.

          JiangXi Company:

          YiChun Leading Technology Co., Ltd.

          Contact: Irene Xie +86(0) 13602387303

          Tel: 0795-8819888

          Number: Mr Ye 13602387703

          Address: WanZai Industrial Park Yichun City Jiangxi province  

          Lai Ding Products
          Contact us

          YiChun Leading Technology Co., Ltd

          Number: Mr Ye 13602387703

          Tel.: 0795-8819888

          Direct: 0086(0) 13602387703  (Mr Ye) 

          Address: WanZai Industrial Park YiChun City JiangXi Province, China

          Contact us

          DongGuan YiDa Packaging Co.,Ltd

          Contact: Kitty Liao  13925867023

          Tel: 0769-89159881

          Fax: 0769-83217885

          Factory: ShiBu Industrial Park ShiDa Road LiaoBu Town DonGuan

          Office:Rm509 LianChuang Bldg GuanLong Road DongCheng District DongGuan